Ghee is amazing……and gluten and dairy free

I finally broke down and bought ghee as I was still afraid of the word, ‘dairy’ on the packaging, but everyone has said you should have no problem with ghee, as they take the lactose and actual milk out of it.

That is exactly what the case was and I am never going back to anything else, even crisco which really is not healthy for you, but when you don’t have too many other dairy free options you work with what you have.

Ghee smells and tastes just like butter. In the Indian tradition and customs ghee is heavily used in cooking and baking. Along with coconut oil and coconut butter, ghee truly is the next dairy free derivative to cook with. The Pamela’s products gluten free chocolate chip cookies, taste the best they ever have, thanks to the lovely inventors of ghee.

So, now get on over and get yourself some ghee, as you will thank me later.

Bringing the healthy back with gluten free Shea Moisture products

Gluten and paraben free body wash
Gluten & paraben free body wash

Have you recently realized the reason for your itchy scalp? As someone who is intolerant to gluten and dairy I never really stopped to look at every single ingredient in my hair care until recently.

I realize my head was extremely itchy and it was due to the fact that Paul Mitchell’s styling gel has wheatgerm in it. The culprit to the problem of an itchy scalp was found.

I was on a hunt to find a hair gel as well as body wash that didn’t have this harmful ingredient in it. Since buying Hugo Naturals hair gel along with Shea Moistures body lotion and shower gel,  life is a lot easier.

Who wants to be out on the town and constantly itching away at their scalp? Nobody does and as a very strong advocate for gluten free food products I am now a huge advocate for checking every single ingredient that I put into my body.

We as a nation and society talk so much about GMO’s and such, but for those of us that have sensitivities, intolerances or Celiac disease, need to realize everything we put on our skin or in our hair can be absorbed into the body. So, without further ado I present to you an amazing new product on the market that has been popping up in retailers nationwide. Shea Moisture products have been spotted in Target, Ulta and many other retailers nationwide. The greatest thing about Shea Moisture products is that the products are free from gluten, parabens, phthalates, no paraffin, no formaldehyde,  no propylene Glycol, no synthetic fragrances, no petrolatum and no synthetic colors, no DEA and lastly no animal testing.

For more information about Shea Moisture products, please visit them online.



Gluten free cookbook for your kitchen

Gluten free food

Amy Fothergill is  trained as a chef, even if she isn’t famous for it. Amy didn’t waste any time after seeing that her family needed to live a lifestyle without gluten. Amy has published a beautiful and intricate cook book that any gluten or dairy free person would appreciate.

According to Amy the cook book The Warm Kitchen, “contains gluten-free recipes that anyone can make and everyone will love.”  certainly loved reading through all the recipes and cannot wait to cook up some gluten and dairy free chicken pot pie. The recipe from the cookbook looks amazing and I look forward to playing in the kitchen once the heat cools down.

Meeting Amy at the Celiac Disease Association expo was a delight and to hear her talk about her children with such delight made it more worthwhile to write about her cookbook.Not only has Amy published a great cookbook but she was so generous to to gift the cookbook to me.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Amy’s cookbook online. Some of this gluten free gal’s favorite recipes are sauteed italian chicken, dairy free macaroni and cheese, potato latkes, bagels, various varieties of focaccia and so many other great recipes. These are just a few of the many recipes published by Amy, that you should definitely check out.

Ready set, go gluten free: Welcome to glutenfree18

Gluten free pizza from CPK's test kitchen

Nicole launched glutenfree18 after her sister Samantha was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010. She has now garnered many followers and fans on twitter and social media and decided to take control of her website after a gracious friend helped her launch glutenfree18 four short years ago.

The ultimate goal of glutenfree18 is to educate the gluten free community about the foods that are gluten and dairy free while still being nutritional and tasty. There are many products on the market that are marked gluten free, but are not beneficial to maintaining a healthy diet.

Nicole  has an intolerance to gluten and dairy and does everything in her power to work with companies who would like to let the world know about their products.  If you have a product or media inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact Nicole directly.

This site is dedicated to Nicole’s sister and anyone else out there who has been newly diagnosed and wondering, “What can I eat?”