Ghee is amazing……and gluten and dairy free

I finally broke down and bought ghee as I was still afraid of the word, ‘dairy’ on the packaging, but everyone has said you should have no problem with ghee, as they take the lactose and actual milk out of it.

That is exactly what the case was and I am never going back to anything else, even crisco which really is not healthy for you, but when you don’t have too many other dairy free options you work with what you have.

Ghee smells and tastes just like butter. In the Indian tradition and customs ghee is heavily used in cooking and baking. Along with coconut oil and coconut butter, ghee truly is the next dairy free derivative to cook with. The Pamela’s products gluten free chocolate chip cookies, taste the best they ever have, thanks to the lovely inventors of ghee.

So, now get on over and get yourself some ghee, as you will thank me later.

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